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Cambridge City Council Adult Education Programmes

Adult Education Programmes

Cambridge City Council run adult education evening and weekend courses from many of their schools in the Cambridge area. They wanted the programmes that are sent to the catchment areas to all have a consistent style and for the school administrators to produce future editions of the programme from a template.

Once finalised and printed the brochures needed to be delivered to mailing houses for inclusion in leaflet drops and local free papers.

What we did:

We sent our trainer to discuss requirements with three colleges in Cambridge to pilot the scheme. Copies of Adobe InDesign® were purchased for the colleges administrators to edit the template that was devised by our design studio. Whilst each college presented a consistent style, the content of each programme varied greatly. Some would prefer courses described in paragraphs of text, others prefered a table / list view.

Having established a robust set of templates, each college received on-site training in the use of InDesign specifically to update the copy and images in the programmes. The training was re-visited in a second phase to pick up any outstanding learning gaps once the layout work had commenced.

The final stage in preparation was to pick up any issues in the pre-press of the files. Cambridge Printers studio reported any issues to the content owner and fixed any small problems with a report to client on how to avoid these pitfalls in future.

Once the proofs were approved, Cambridge Printers printed and dispatched a variety of volumes to different means of distribution.

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