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Cambridge Printers Ltd

Careful pre-press of your print files ensures a smooth, accurate and speedy print process eliminating copy, colour and image errors that can occur.

Cambridge Printers studio provides a complete pre-press service for your files whether submitted as PDF files, files from Adobe® Creative Suite or QuarkXpress®. We can create print documents from MSOffice® files as well as a large number of other formats.

Some good advice

If you are preparing your files in a professional layout programe such as InDesign® or QuarkXpress®, or even if you aren't, understanding the following concepts will greatly assist the Cambridge Printers studio in working with your files, speeding you job up and keeping your costs low. These are hyperlinks to, where a goldmine of useful information in layout and design for print can be found.

What is bleed?

RGB versus CMYK

Converting to CMYK

How does CMYK work?

What is Pantone®?

Useful information about European paper sizes can be seen in this graphic. You can also find out more than you'll ever need to know about image resolution from this wikipedia page.

You can contact the studio on 01223 506767 or e-mail if you'd like to know more.