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Cambridge Printers Ltd
Digital printing for short to medium runs

For your short to medium print runs that require a quick turn around, digital print is the ideal solution.

Brochures, leaflets, stationery, books and booklets are effortlessly produced and, unlike litho printing, same-day delivery can be achieved.

Variable data can be used to personalise your print over a range of applications from direct mailing and ticketing to invitations and place cards for wedding guests.

Our digital colour printers use a dry toner process to produce an output quality almost indistinguishable from litho printing.

Matching colour using the Pantone ink system, we can train our digital devices to mimic the colours printed on runs that would normally require spot colours (and therefore extra plates) at a fraction of the cost.

All your files are archived on our system and can be reproduced from standing artwork at short notice and finished to any specification as with litho printing. Talk to our experts about the best process for your print.